Cat Name Moon

by Secret

Well, my mom was coming home from work and she stopped by a store to get gas. The workers there found a little kitten no older than 5 days stuffed in a bag in the dumpster.

She said she didn't want it because of the pain of losing him, so they were going to throw him back in, but she WOULDN'T allow it. So, 3 months later he's cuter than ever!!!

Editor's note: Please thank your mom for saving this little kitten! It's hard to believe that people would be so cold as to throw a kitten into the trash.

It's also hard to believe that once discovered, that someone would throw one back into a dumpster. It's great that your mom stood firm and saved him.

I'm glad to hear that he is doing so well now. You never know what condition a kitty like that is in and many "dumpster" kittens don't make it.

Thanks for contributing to our list of names!

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