Cat Name Luna

by Courtney
(NS, Canada)

Little Luna

Little Luna

Luna is a very dark brown and white bicolor kitten, currently 6 months old. She is named after Luna, the goddess of the moon, and Luna Lovegood from Harry Potter.

She is very sweet and has the kindest honey-gold eyes, but she also has a crazy side.... watch her pupils for a clue.

Once she leapt over a six foot gap between a bed and a chair for half an hour! Loony Luna loves being near people, chasing her tail and causing trouble -- she acts more like a puppy than a kitten!

When it comes to boxes -- if she fits in it, she sits in it. But the most adorable thing she does is forget to put her little tongue back in her mouth. Sooo cute!

Editor's note: Thank you, Courtney, for sharing a little bit of Luna's life with us. She's adorable and it sounds like her antics are lot of fun!

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