Cat Name Bunny Delores

by Diana

She showed up at my front door pregnant 20 yrs ago. I fed her and then when she looked ready I brought her in my house, which freaked her out at first since she was used to being outside.

I put her in my attic where no one would bother her while she had her kittens. She has been with me ever since, always following me everywhere I go.

She no longer goes outside as she is deaf now and blind in one eye. She still is able to get around and is still able to jump from the bed to the floor. She is only 5 lbs, always been a small cat and looks like a bunny.

Editor's note: Thank you, Diana for telling us about Bunny Delores and adding to our list of names! She sounds adorable and I'm so glad she found a great home with you.

She must have known you were the one for her. I'd love to see some pictures of her! If you'd like, you can click here to submit them or go to our Facebook page.

Thanks again!

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