Cat GPS collar safety?

by Jenna

I recently purchased a GPS collar for my cat. I researched this thoroughly and after purchasing the collar, I received an email, reading "IMPORTANT SAFETY NOTE. The rubber ridged section of the collar (shown in the red square below) is now providing the safety release for the collar. This takes approximately 2Kg to come off, though this may vary from collar to collar.

Before placing this collar on your cat, you need to ensure that you are happy with the force required for the slider to detach from the collar.

By using the collar you are confirming that you are happy with this feature."

My question is... is this safe? Does this pose a risk to my cat? Should I send it back?

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Test the breakaway feature first
by: Wendy W.

I can't say whether it's safe or not, but I would not put a collar on my cat unless it was a breakaway like that. Test the breakaway feature with your fingers to see how much force is required to get the collar to come off. If it takes too much force to break away, your cat may not be able to get free if the collar snags on something.

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