Cat goes crazy when I fake purr

by Beth

My two year old cat is very gentle and has never been aggressive. She has never bitten, scratched or hissed at me. However whenever I make this fake purr with my mouth she goes crazy and chases me to bite me.

She will go as far as chasing me into the next room and jumping at me. This only happens when I do the fake purr.

Sometimes she mistakes my crying as purring and will run and attack me. Just curious if any other cat does this or if there is an explanation.

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Not sure
by: Kurt (Admin)

I have not heard of this specific sound (a fake purr) causing this reaction. I have, however, seen cats that did react to certain sounds (like a raspberry), especially when people would get too close to the cat while making the sound. I've also seen cats react to the sound of kittens and adult cats meowing, either on television or outside the house.

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