Cat does everything that is restricted?

by Adele

Since the very moment I've got my cat when she was 3 months old, she has been doing everything that was restricted. If I was forcing her out of bed, she would run towards bed and digging claws into it. If I was restricting her from a specific sink, should would specifically lay in it.

She is really stubborn. Since I have asthma, she was restricted from my bedroom. She would come and meow and scratch the door for minutes several times while I was sleeping. I'd never open the door. She did it for months.

I play with her, and she loves me. Is there any way she would change her behavior? Every time she wouldn't slip through the door, I would say that she is a good girl.

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Defiant cats are common
by: May

Defiant cats are pretty common. Cats like to make their own choices, so I think this behavior is normal. For example, they don't like closed doors. A closed door robs them of the choice to go through the doorway. She may mellow out as she gets older.

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