Cat constantly attacks and bites my feet

by Kyl

I have had my cat for almost a year now and got her when she was only 6 weeks old. She is so cute and I have really liked having her, but I can’t really take her hyper-ness anymore. It is driving me crazy!

I have tried so many different toys and she doesn’t seem interested. I can’t even walk around my house without her attacking and biting my feet while walking or even just standing.

I will close the door if I am in my room just to get away from her, and then she meows until I open it to let her in and she just attacks my feet.

She will always pounce on me if I am sitting on the couch and typing something on my laptop, and even as I am typing this right now, ha ha.

I am getting VERY annoyed with her and have tried spraying her with water. I am thinking of getting rid of her because I don’t know what else to do. When I seriously think about getting rid of her, I get really sad and feel really guilty but she is driving me INSANE!!

Is there anything I can do? I feed her a lot, and she always has clean water and litter box. Will she ever calm down and stop biting and being so freaking crazy?

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She needs more stimulation
by: Sally F.

She's attacking and biting your feet because that's what's at her eye level. She sees movement and that brings out her hunting instincts.

What does prey do when it's attacked? It tries to run away or pull away. If you run or pull away, you'll stimulate her prey-drive. Instead, when she bites your foot, gently move your foot toward her (she's expecting prey to pull away, so this will confuse her and she'll be more likely to let go).

I agree with Jim. She's needs more stimulation. She's still young and she needs more options for enrichment (another cat to play with can help). Most cats don't calm down until they're a few years old, and without another cat to chase around, she's coming for you. :)

To keep her from pouncing on your ankles, try dragging a feather toy between your feet and where she's positioned or hiding. That'll give her something to pounce on that's more like her natural prey than your feet.

Does she have a cat tree?
by: Jim W.

Does she have a cat tree she can climb on? Does she have toys she can play with by herself? Do you have play sessions with her daily (2X at least)?

Cats that age that attack feet and ankles usually do that because they need more stimulation. Hide treats around the house (but not too hidden) she can find, get her a cat tree and place a reward up high for her to find. Get her some puzzle toys and a feeder where she has to work a little for her treats.

Get a fishing pole toy and have play sessions with her two or three times a day. You've tried different toys, but maybe you're not making it interesting enough for her.

Take a fishing pole toy with a feather on it and go behind a door. I've never had a cat that can resist attacking a feather when it's sticking out from under a closed door.

Once she gets interested in that feather, you should be able to exercise her nicely, lead her around the house, get her jumping. Wear her furry butt out. Ha ha! Good luck!

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