Cat coloring genetics?

by Mya

Does anybody know how cat coloration genetics work?! Two black cats had a lilac Siamese (boy), two brown Siamese (boy and girl), a gray non-tabby (girl), and two blacks (boys). I'm all types of confused.

The black male was the only Tom the queen was around. I'm looking it up and it's still not making any sense. According to the internet, my three kitties that are brothers are freaking impossible due to both parents being jet freaking black. (My boys are lilac and brown Siamese and a black cat with a white chest star.) Help, I'm confuzzled. Lol.

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Cat colors
by: Randy

It is possible for a female cat to be impregnated by more than one male at a time. Are you sure there is only one father?

Second, it is quite possible for 2 black cats to have different colored kittens. Both parents could be "hybrids" carrying genes for different colors. Or one of the "black" cats could actually carry the "blue" gene, but look black.

This is a very simplified explanation, but may shed some light on the kittens.

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