Cat Breeding Question - Mother and Son Cats

by Alison

Cat breeding question - mother and son cats? I hope someone can help, I have just been asked to look after my daughter's two cats long term. However, they are mother and son.

The mother is a year and a half and the son is six months old. So what I need to know is will they breed together?

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Are they fixed?
by: Kurt (Admin)

That's an excellent question Alison! The short answer is yes... mother and son cats will mate together. Is the male neutered? Is the mother cat spayed? Do these cats roam outside? If so, and they're not "fixed," it's likely that at some point, the female will get pregnant. Probably even more quickly, the male will impregnate a female.

I was at the pet store a number of months ago working on adoptions, and a man and his daughter told me that they adopted their neighbor's female cat. She slipped out for a day, and they suspected that she was now pregnant. All cats that are not meant for a breeding program should be "fixed."

Neuter and spay, all the way! I'm getting carried away here, but seriously, there are many stated benefits, including a reduction in spraying and aggressive behavior.

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