Cat being sick after dewormer?

by Selina

I gave my kitten (he's nearly one year old) a dewormer granule with his food two days ago. Today he was unwell and he vomited all his undigested food which has some hair in it too.

Could this be related to the dewormer? Or is it likely to be from the hair? Can hairballs cause a cat to throw up all the food in his tummy too?

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Apr 17, 2019
by: Ellyb

It could be the dewormer. Was it given by a vet? Or a pet store item? Either way, I would call a vet for some advice and watch your cat very closely. Make sure tour cat isn't dehydrated. Pull up on skin and see if it goes back in place quickly or if it takes awhile to smooth out. If the second he is probably dehydrated. He may need you to give him some extra syringes of water by mouth until he is drinking on his own again. You can also check dehydration by touching his gums, if sticky to the touch he's dehydrated.

Another question is, why did he need a dewormer? My one cat cannot take one of the flea medications my vet gave him and he wasn't back to normal for several weeks.But, a vet should be able and willing to share their knowledge with you.

Good luck

Apr 14, 2019
Could be either
by: Sally F.

It could be either one. Hairballs can cause cats to throw up the food in their stomachs, yes. I always call the vet when I think a problem is caused by medication.

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