Can one kitten alone be happy?

by Jen
(London, UK)

We are getting a kitten in August and it will be our very first one. We have lived with adult cats before.

Reading online we increasingly get the sense that just having one kitten is not ideal for the kitten’s development so we are considering getting a second around the same age.

Here are our concerns:

1. It would have to be a kitten from a different litter.

2. Both would come to us around nine weeks but would still need to be vaccinated - so we’re not sure it is safe. Would we have to keep them apart until vaccinations have happened?

3. Is there a chance of them not getting on?

4. Would we need different litter trays and bowls for them (as kittens and once they’ve grown up)?

The internet is so conflicting on these topics so I’m hoping that you’ll be able to give some advice or at least your opinion. We just want our kitten to be happy and healthy.

Many thanks,

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Two is good
by: Sally F.

Kittens can be a handful, and having a playmate will help keep your kitten entertained.

1 and 3: Kittens usually get along, even if they're from different litters. But... keep them separated at first and introduce them slowly.

2. It depends on where the kittens come from, but it's unlikely to be a problem keeping them together (after the initial separation and introduction).

4. For two cats you'd ideally have 3 litter boxes/trays, but you may be able to get away with fewer. For food bowls, I would have 2. They can share a water bowl, although more than one water bowl, even for one cat, is a good idea.

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