Can a feral cat and a house cat get along?

by Anonymous

I saved a cat which I thought was a kitten because she is that small from living under our shed. She was fine there until raccoons went after her. I brought her in and kept her away from my other two cats until I got her to a vet.

The vet said she was 1 yr and a few months old and was malnourished as a kitten and wouldn’t get any bigger. She got spayed and I gave her time to recover.

My other cats are not accepting her at all. I have to keep them separated because it’s a terrible cat fight. I’m afraid to not keep her separate because of the way they go after her and/or she goes after them.

Right now she is living in one of my bedrooms which is 20 x 24 with cat trees and toys. I would love for all of them to be together but I really don’t see that happening. She is very small and they are very big. Any suggestions?

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Did they meet too soon?
by: Jim W.

If you separate them and keep them from seeing each other, then reintroduce them slowly by smell and sound, you may have some luck. If she allows you to touch her, she's not truly feral. Feral cats avoid people if they can.

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