Caging cats to deworm?

by Tania

I have two cats. Albert is 11 and Isaac is 10, both indoor only cats. Albert gets to the vet regularly. Isaac I got from a shelter at about 6 weeks and was likely feral.

They get along with each other but Isaac spends most of his time hiding - under beds, in the ceiling. He comes out for feeding and will sleep in bed with me as long as he's outside of my reach. So he hasn’t made it to a vet since he was little.

Today I found vomit with a worm in it. I’m pretty freaked out. Albert has a vet appointment Wednesday, and I will bring a fecal sample. I’m hoping the vet will give me medication for both cats as I assume they both have them.

From what I’ve read, the medication has to be given in two week intervals? I’m worried we won’t be able to catch Isaac enough times or in the right time period.

I’m thinking of buying a large cat cage - I saw them online with multiple levels. If I can catch him once, I can put him (and Albert?) in there for the time period they need to be treated. That would also let me clean everything else in the house.

But I’m wondering if this is mean? I want to do the best I can for them medically, but wonder if it’s mean to cage them that long? We will also get an exterminator as we know they have caught mice before and wonder if this could be the cause of the worms.

I’m also pregnant, so I'm trying to figure out the best way to do this for all of us. My husband will help, but I need to figure out the plan.

Thank you.

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