Brown thing sticking out of cat's skin?

by Alyssa

Last night I found this light brown thing sticking out of my cat's skin. Me and my boyfriend decided to pull it out.

It came out pretty easily and it didn't appear to hurt him in any way. It is roughly the size of a grain of rice.

The part sticking out was light brown and the other part was white. When it was pulled out, some white stuff came to the surface. We thought maybe it was puss and tried to wipe it away but it ended up not being puss.

The area is not raised or inflamed. It also does not appear to bother him in any way. We went and looked at it later and the white was gone. I haven't had a chance to look at it today since I'm at work.

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Brownish stuffs in the cats skin
by: Med

Did you find out what those brownish stuff were? Would you please post what you found out.
Thanks in advance

I just found the same thing on my cat
by: Anonymous

Did you find out what it is?

Vet is a good idea
by: Kurt (Admin)

I agree with Ellyb on running it by a vet to see if they can identify it.

Strange thing on cat
by: Ellyb

Hi, I would drop it off to a vet and see if they can tell what it is. It may be some type of parasite. It could also possibly be infectious for you. So, ask a vet for help. I don't think they would charge much and it would put your mind at ease.

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