Best place to keep a new cat?

by Anonymous

I'm adopting a cat and have never owned one before. I know I need to give her her own space for a bit. She will eventually have her litter box, food, and water in our finished basement and will spend the night there. Do I start her out there or in a smaller room, like a bathroom?

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Small spaces are usually best
by: Brad Tucker

A smaller space is usually best. A bedroom is usually about the right size, but a bathroom can work. If the finished basement isn't too large, though, you could start there.

The main thing is that a small space is an easier territory to explore and defend, and the cat can more easily get their scent all over everything. For kittens, it keeps them out of trouble and also keeps them from wandering too far from the litter box. Sometimes they don't make it back to the box before they have to go if it's too far away.

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