Are my cat's ribs normal?

by Scott

I have a month old kitten. The last couple ribs on both sides seem to be pointed downwards. When picking the kitten up, you can feel the ribs sort of come to a point and leave a gap between either side.

The first several ribs round nicely and seem normal though. The kitten doesn't seem bothered, not in pain or having difficulty breathing. Would this most likely be F.C.K.S.?

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May 10, 2018
Collapsed lung?
by: Jim W.

I would think if your cat had flat chested kitten syndrome that there would be difficulty breathing. AFAIK, your kitten would have a collapsed lung (but I'm no expert and I'm not sure if there is always a collapsed lung with F.C.K.S.

It's really hard to say what, if anything, is wrong. I'm glad to hear your kitten isn't having breathing problems and doesn't seem to be in pain, but I think a vet needs to examine this kitten to get you a good answer on this one. Good luck.

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