Are My Cats Lonely?

by Anonymous

After 4 years, my fiance and I finally moved in together. The big challenge for us - he is allergic to cats. I have two indoor and long hair "brothers."

Our compromise was to put in french doors to close in his dining room (10x8) and put a cat door to outside. Outside we put in an outdoor cat enclosure - a 12'x8' kennel.

I go in and visit about 15 min each day and my son about 15. They are spending a lot of time outside which they have never been able to do. Are they happy?

Editor's note: Since I'm allergic to cats (among other things), I thought I'd add my 2 cents.

I think each cat is different. Some are happy to spend time alone, and others crave companionship. Most cats seem to strike a balance, but usually they like the attention to be on their own terms.

Some like companionship from other animals or cats, and some seem to prefer humans. Perhaps they can get most of their companionship needs met by spending time with each other.

Cats like a routine, and when that routine is changed there can be some fallout. At the very least, I would try to pay an extra amount of attention to them for a while. Some cats will get depressed if they're used to spending time with you and then things suddenly change.

I would also say that
you'd want to make sure they get plenty of exercise and have toys to play with. Also, a cat tree with a scratching post seems to make a lot of cats happy.

Monitor them for signs of depression, lack of appetite or over eating, weight loss or gain, moping, yowling, dramatic behavior changes, and that sort of thing.

Some cats just get bored if you don't stimulate them enough. Pay extra attention to them and exercise them more if you notice these signs. Involve your vet if it continues.

With respect to the allergies:

3 cats hunting a moth
(L - R)Priscilla, Teddie, and Frankie are fascinated by a moth that's parked itself on the screen door (just to the left of Frankie's head). Allergic to cats? They'll cure you.

I'm allergic to a lot of things (including cats and dogs, both of which I've shared homes with), and suffer with sinus problems, and the usual histamine related issues (skin rash/itching, swelling, sneezing, generally feeling like a truck hit me, etc.).

In my case, I never avoided cat companionship and simply suffered with the symptoms of my allergies. My symptoms were pretty bad for a while, but after repeated and prolonged exposure to first one, and eventually three cats, I was fine. So, it may be possible to calm down those allergies over time.

I hope that helps,

If anyone has any input on this, we'd love to hear it in the comments. Thanks!

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