Any tips to stop a kitten from chewing cords?

by Rayna

I have a beautiful kitten named Daisy who is about three months old. I found her abandoned when she was only a week or so old (eyes still shut and a tiny umbilical cord piece still attached).

I raised her and she has completed vaccinations and gotten a clean bill of health from the veterinarian. I just can't seem to stop her from chewing cords.

I hide all that I can, but its impossible to hide them all. It's driving me crazy. I keep having to replace them if I don't catch her quickly enough and I am so worried she will end up electrocuting herself.

Luckily I work from home so I am almost always with her. I've tried coating them in soap so they taste bad, giving her timeouts in case she is trying to get attention, using diversions, etc. Any ideas are much appreciated.

Editor's note: Thank you for rescuing Daisy kitten. You can protect your kitten and your wires by doing a few things:

1. Hide all cables, cords, and wires you can under or behind furniture where your kitten can't get to them.

2. For cords that can't be hidden, get cable management solutions or cable protectors or sleeves. Here are some products to look at (both from Amazon):

Alex Tech 1 inch Wire Loom Tubing

Homga 120 Inch Cable Management Sleeve

3. To help discourage chewing, spray the outside of the cable protectors with a "no chew" spray for pets. A couple of choices here (again, from Amazon) are:

Grannick's Bitter Apple Spray

Rocco & Roxie No Chew Extreme Bitter Spray

Like soap, this may or may not work to discourage chewing, but the protectors themselves may do that on their own.

4. Finally, make sure your kitten has alternative, acceptable things to chew on.

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Kittten chews cords
by: Randy

My cat, GW (Grey and White cat LOL), who I found as a stray living in my garage, was only a couple months old when rescued. He loved to chew cords until he was about a year old. He outgrew it.

Yours may quit as he gets older. Kittens/young cats love to chew things. Until then, make sure he has plenty of toys...especially ones he can chew. Mine loved ribbons and hair ties. Still does.

Spraying ground or liquid red pepper on anything you don't want to be destroyed may help. It won't hurt the cat, but they sure don't like the taste. A couple of bites and GW found something else to chew.

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