After fight, cat seems scared to come into the house

by John

My cat got into a fight about two weeks ago on the deck. Now he seems scared to come in the house.

Normally, he stays in the house, uses the litter box, and fattens up in the winter. In the summer, he stays outside and eats mice. He only comes in the house randomly to eat some of his crunchy hard fish flavored food (the only thing he likes).

One night, we heard what sounded like a cat fight. I went out and saw something wobbling off slowly, but not sure what it was. Since then, it seems he's afraid to come in the house.

He usually loses weight in the summer and gains it in the winter, so he looks so skinny. There are no signs of worms or fleas or health issues. He just seems afraid and jumpy when he comes into the house now.

He loves his belly rubbed, though. He'll grab your hand if you stop. He used to come in early every morning in the summer and sleep with me a couple of hours until woke up. He stopped doing that.

I can't think of anything in the house that is different except maybe the a/c. He loves the heat outside, and he lies around and stretches out. I'm sure he'll be back in when it gets cold, but worried what he is going through. Maybe he needs a therapist. Hehe.

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Aug 24, 2018
by: Marla

I wonder if he's protecting you and the house. Like he wants to stay outside in case the predator comes back and he can protect. Does he seem to look around alot? Like uneasy and cautious? Just my initial thought.

Aug 24, 2018
Could have been injured in the fight
by: Kurt (Admin)

Do you think it's possible he may have been injured in the fight? Cats are good at hiding pain, but when there's a behavior change, especially after an incident like that, I get suspicious.

If he's used to being outside, I would think he's been in fights before, so it makes me wonder what's different about this fight. Maybe it's because it was on his territory, so now he's skittish. Or maybe whatever animal he fought with is nearby, so his guard is up.

Either way, I hope he's OK and gets healed up, physically and psychologically.

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