A question about cat dominance

by Hendrik

I have two kittens and try to play with them everyday as long as they are too young to go outside. They also play with each other, so that's good.

But when I play with them, mainly using one of those "fishing rods" that they run after and try to catch, I notice a distinct difference between my cats.

My cat Sam is extremely agile and active during play, hunting the toy down and then walking away with it as if it's some prize. He is clearly having fun, so there is no problem there.

But my other cat Frodo, is a lot slower when it comes to running after the toys. He is also a lot less agile, not making the same jumps, rather climbing on things instead.

The biggest problem is, Sam is usually quicker and grabs the toy, and Frodo then just sits and stares at me playing with Sam. I feel sad for Frodo because of this.

What should I do?

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by: Tino

Play with them separately sometimes, then play with them together. Get one to build its confidence.

Change things up?
by: Kurt (Admin)

Maybe Frodo is a more laid back cat, or maybe he'd prefer a different toy or different style of play, or maybe he's just deferring to the alpha cat.

What happens if you take Frodo in a room by himself and play with him with the same toy in the same way? What happens if you change things up and try different toys?

That might help you determine if that's his play style, or if he prefers different toys, or if he's acting the way he does because your other cat is dominant.

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