2 month old kitten biting hands

by David M.
(Barcelona, Spain)

This is probably a basic question and perhaps an issue which many people go through, but our kitten of about 2 months "gnaws" our hands while we pet her. It's becoming increasingly uncomfortable.

Is this just a phase she's going through that will stop at some point? Should we just wait it out, or take proactive measures?

Not a crisis, just a concern. :) Thanks for any comments or suggestions.


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Withhold attention if she bites
by: Kurt (Admin)

This brings up a very important kitten training point.

First, make sure you never use your hand like a toy to play with her. She needs to learn that toys are OK to bite. Hands are not.

A lot of pet parents make the mistake of not making this distinction, and their cats sometimes grow up to be biters.

Second, if she tries to bite you while petting, stop the activity. I didn't get Jazzy as a young kitten, so his habits were already formed, but when he bites me, I stop giving him the attention he wants. Later, I help him burn off steam with a play session, but not right away.

Third, when you have a play session, make sure you don't get your hands close enough to your kitten that she could bite you. Some of the best cat toys for this are the fishing pole or wand style feather toys, like Da Bird and Bird Catcher Pro Plus. These toys allow you to be far enough away from your cat that she can't mistakenly bite you. You can throw toys for her to chase as well.

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