16 year old cat poops where we sit

by Anonymous

My 16 year old cat poops where we sit in family room but also in her box. This seems to happen after we have company, usually in the next two days after.

She leaves her little packages on my husband's chair and one for me where I lay on the couch. Also, if we leave doors open, we will find little presents on the floors and on our pillows in our bed.

The crazy thing is that she still poops in her box. I am thinking it is an anxiety issue, but not sure how to solve the problem. Any suggestions?

My thoughts: I'm sorry to hear your cat is having problems. It certainly sounds like she could be experiencing some stress due to having visitors.

To minimize the stress, there are several things you can do. You may need some or all of these. It's going to take some trial and error.

First, if you don't already have this, you can set up a safe space, refuge, or sanctuary room for her. When you have company, she can hang out in that room, away from the visitors and any commotion. This should help reduce the stress a bit.

Second, there are calming products available at Amazon and other sellers, such as Rescue Remedy, Feliway and other pheromone sprays or collars, or Jackson Galaxy's herbal products, such as Stress Stopper, or Safe Space for Cats, which may help to calm her.

Third, your vet can recommend drug therapy, or you can enlist the help of an animal behaviorist or a vet who specializes in behavioral issues.

In the meantime, I'd recommend doing what you can to reassure her, increase her exercise level to burn off stress, and make sure she has adequate hiding and climbing spaces.

Please keep us informed on her progress.

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