1 kitten abandoned out of 5 by mother cat

by Pankaj Soni
(Bhilwara, Rajasthan, India)

A cat kept five kittens in a shed just outside our home in a corner. I only realized this when they were crying.

I used to offer the mother cat milk. Yesterday, after five to six days, she started moving her kittens. I only saw this when she was carrying her third kitten.

Out of affection, I lifted up one of the two kittens and after some time, left the kitten in its place. Even the fourth kitten was taken away, but the fifth one still stays.

She didn't come back to take fifth one. Maybe there's a HUMAN TOUCH issue?

But for now, what to do, how to feed that kitten. I don't know its age, but around ~20 cm in length, and can't walk properly. Its legs are not strong enough and as if it drags.

I tried to feed milk but in vain. It keeps shouting. I'd really like a help on how I could nurture that kitten.

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Sep 22, 2018
This kitten needs a veterinarian
by: Jim W.

She might have left the kitten because the kitten is sick. She may have left it if she can't handle feeding them all.

In either case, it sounds like you need professional help locally. This kitten may be too young or too sick or weak for someone inexperienced in newborn kitten care to handle on their own. Even experienced people can lose them.

I would get the kitten to a veterinarian or rescue (that has a veterinarian) as soon as possible. They should have kitten milk replacement and syringes for the feeding, and know how to do it properly. They can also tend to any illness.

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