1 cat of 2 wants all the attention

by Dee Neale
(Las Vegas, NV USA)

I adopted two kittens the same month and they are about three months apart. They are now 3 years old.

Snicker started out to be dominant, but the two got along. Slowly, Snicker has become much more demanding of my total attention.

It seems he should have been in a "one cat" house. The other cat, Zephyr, is showing signs of sadness and Snicker is sometimes hiding in the (sign of boredom) litter box and over eating, then vomiting.

I play with them both throughout the day but I don't know what to do about Snicker! Snicker will take over and not let Zephyr play.

My cats are my children so I'm not giving up, I just need some suggestions. I have a laser light, fly toys, toys they chase and make noise, and stuffed animals.

I want to do what is best for my kitties. They are both male, fixed. The vet says they are both in great health.

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