Why won't my cat play when it wants to?

by Erik

I have a year old male cat who is quite vocal. Usually, when he wants to play he will meow (cry) and/or lie next to his toys. I try to play with him twice a day (at the very least) and I am sure to try to play when he is most active (not when he is crying though so as to not reinforce).

For the past month or so he doesn't seem to play that much when I try to play with him. At first, he didn't have that many toys and so I had to keep finding new ways to play and keep him interested which I was pretty good with.

He now has more toys (albeit, not at once as I try to cycle them in and out and move them around the home too). Lately, he seems to want to play often, but doesn't really play no matter how many ways I try (sometimes I can get him to play just a tiny bit).

I don't see why it would be health related as he has been eating and drinking well, going to the bathroom is good and he doesn't go outside. Otherwise, there is not much else I can see as being a reason for health.

I have been feeling down lately as I have been trying very hard. Has anyone experienced anything similar though and/or know of a way that I might be able to remedy the issue?

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Going through a phase?
by: Sally F.

Maybe your cat is just going through a phase, or perhaps you just haven't found the right toys for him yet.

You might try hiding treats or getting one of those toys that you fill with treats so he can discover them and play with that.

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