Whiskey from Mentor

by Diane Armaro
(Mentor, Ohio)

Live? or Memorex?

Live? or Memorex?

Whiskey was 18 years old. He was smart, funny and sometimes, obedient.

He tried to use human words when he wanted something. Nack was snack. Ahga was water. Moh was more. Ekka was breakfast. Out was actually out lol.

Most of the time he'd obey me when I'd tell him to go lay down, or stay, etc., but when he didn't want to obey, he'd shake his head "no"...

Even when he was mad at me, all I had to do was sing "Rockabye Baby" and he'd immediately climb on me.

He'd sit by the bathroom and demand to be brushed several times a day. When he wanted me to wake up, he'd stick his paw in my mouth. He was my best friend and I miss him so much.

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