Tux, my best buddy forever

by Trish for my friend Bud who lost his bff after 15 years
(California and Arkansas)



Tux was a trooper, diagnosed with cardiomyopathy and a hyperthyroid condition. He wasn't expected to survive beyond a few years, but he rebounded every time a veterinarian said he wouldn't last.

His last two years taught me a lot about the will-to-live despite the odds... this little guy, my friend told me, hung in for me and I truly believe he did. I loved the guy so much, he was such a great buddy to have around.

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Aug 21, 2018
Sad ...
by: Marla

Tux looks like my Tuxedo cat, Bandit. I just lost him last night and will create a memorial for him. I'm so sorry, I feel your pain all too real right now.

Jul 29, 2018
Tux the Trooper
by: Lora W.

What a handsome cat. Truly.
They can and do amaze people with their strong will. They may look fragile at times, but are all lions at heart.
I know he had a wonderful, kind life with you. Rest assured he knows what a friend you were to him.
He awaits you at the Rainbow Bridge where you and he will always be together.

Jul 28, 2018
by: jolie66

This-child cat looks exactly (but with a little Hitler mustache) like my (now with God) cat Minou. It's amazing! I know Tux and Minou are now playing happily up in Heaven. Cats are such special creatures. I treasure my current cat Ginger every day. Take care, and hopefully you can adopt another child-cat when you are ready!

Jul 27, 2018
Sweet Kitty
by: Rayna

What a beautiful kitty. I'm glad he had such a good home with you. You obviously thought the world of him. I lost my best buddy, Tommy, an orange and white tabby. And I think I will miss him every day until we meet again. I know it's not easy to go on day to day without them, but be kind to yourself. Rest in peace Tux.

Jul 27, 2018
I'm sorry for your loss
by: Kurt (Admin)

RIP Tux.

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