Tucker the Spirit Cat

by Sara Goldenthal

Tucker The Spirit Cat was written when I lost my cherished and beloved kitty friend Tucker, after a six month long illness. I was overwhelmed with grief and sadness, and words about our time together came to me in a rush of emotion.

I also began to hear Tucker's purr around the house. This was such an amazing and fantastic thing to be happening, and it gave me such a feeling of joy that the bond of love is perhaps never broken, and our connection with our animal friends never ends.

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Nov 20, 2014
Just bought book...
by: Mommie person

I read in 5 min. I cried the entire time. I lost my Baby Blue on 10-26-14 (same date my beloved Grandmom died in 1980). I hope to have the same experience as you. The love between you & Tucker was like Blue & me. I see him EVERYWHERE throughout the house! Only - he isn't there anymore. I STILL cry everyday. His little sister Cooper has changed also. Shes depressed & eats out of necessity. She used to be the "squeaky wheel" at foodtime. She's lost weight. She very rarely purrs. I'll NEVER get over this. My husband feels the same (used to hate cats). People don't get how smart they are. Ya just need to spend time with them & love them. Anyway thanks SO much for your book! I hope this unbearable pain will lessen with time (don't see it EVER happening). Had my Blue 10 yrs as well. I've never been this broken up over a PERSON! Guess I have issues. Oh well. Can't help how I feel. Thx again for your beautiful book!

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