Tropicana: Orange Is A Gift

by Diane
(Brooklyn, NY)

This is me!

This is me!

This is me!
This is the evil fat lady on the counter
Here the evil fat lady is laughing at me behind by back
Can't put the rest of this on here

Welcome to my home! Even though I'm a naughty kitty, I am affectionate and friendly most of the time. I have big paws which have helped me destroy many things around here.

A while back, I beat up three vintage cookie jars and killed them all by pushing them off the refrigerator in one shot!

When I'm not busy looking for things to break or fight with, I enjoy shredding paper or jumping on Diabella and the other cats and "hitting" them.

There are all kinds of things to attack around here. This fat lady always sits on the kitchen counter. I yell at her and hit her often. I can't figure out why she never hits me back with that rolling pin. One good thing is that even though my food is right under the counter, she never eats any of it.

Time out! I need to go to the bathroom. Want to come along and see my game of "Ready - Aim - Fire?" I bet "your" cat can't use the litter box without stepping inside it!

I was warned not to do my business in front of stangers on my web page but I did it anyway. Come visit me to see the rest of this sequence... and you'll see all the trouble I make around here!

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by: dee

Oh my gosh I LOL at your stories. You must keep your people entertained 24/7

by: Odile

This is adorable and very well done. I recognize some of these mischievous antics in my own 3 cats, although they are very calm compared with Tropicana. I am always amazed at how different they all are from each other. Enjoy this handful!

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