Training a kitten from feral momma to use a litter box

by Sherry

I have been trying to train kittens from a feral momma to use a litter box to no avail! They are rambunctious 8 week olds.

They stay outside and I need some help with this, in order to find them homes. I have 3 cats inside, which is the only reason they're outside. The grown cats want nothing to do with them! Help!!!

My thoughts: Thanks for helping these kitties. Since they're outside all the time, it might be difficult to train them.

Control, consistency, and repetition are key. When they're not under your supervision all the time and have places they can use instead of a litter box, it's hard to create the right environment.

If using standard litter box training techniques with them outside, isn't working, I have a couple of ideas...

One suggestion would be to set up a safe room inside the house and put them in there while you foster them. That will allow you to litter box train them and get them used to lots of human contact, while keeping them separated from your existing cats.

Another option would be to contact local rescue groups and shelters, employees of local pet stores, or cat friendly people in your neighborhood and see if you can find a foster who has the time, space, and energy to train them and get them adopted.

I hope that helps. Please keep us posted on their progress.


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Nov 21, 2014
Litter Box Training
by: Michel

If you have not already tried this, simply place the babies im the litter pan, take their front paws and gently scratch the litter with their front paws as cats do when using a litter pan. This may take a few attempts, but it has worked for the babies I have encountered. Best of luck, and God bless you for your efforts.

Nov 15, 2014
by: Sherrym12

I wish there was a rescue or fosters around here that would take them! I really don't have the money to care for them and hate they're outside in the winter! Nobody wants them... it's sad. They are so cute. When I say no one, that includes all animal organizations. They just won't help. If anyone reading this can help, please let me know, I am desperate at this point.

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