Toilet training cat keeps pooping in sinks

by Zoe

I have two female cats that I am toilet training, and we are facing a bit of a problem. One of my girls has warmed up to the kit very well and uses it exclusively without issue. My other cat, however, will urinate using the kit, and even other toilets around the house without the kit, but she will not defecate in any of the toilets.

Instead, each morning she poops in one of our various bathroom sinks. I have tried putting citrus oil drops and lavender oil drops in all of their drains to try to deter her from them and encourage her to use the toilet instead, but it has not been working.

When I catch her in the act of using the sink, I pick her up and have her finish on the toilet, but she never goes to the toilet by choice.

It seems she has already associated the toilet with urinary waste and the sink with fecal waste.

Is there any way I can break her from this logic and persuade her to use the toilet only? I have three toilets in my home, so there must be something I can do to make at least one of them seem enticing! Please help!

My thoughts: I'm sorry to hear your cat is having troubles. I've never tried to toilet train a cat. It's not something I would attempt.

I do think it's worth a discussion, though, since a fair number of people seem intent on trying it. Let's see if some of our readers have any experience with this and can offer some wisdom.

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