Thor from Weddington

by Ed
(Weddington, NC, USA)


Our beloved Thor crossed over the Rainbow Bridge at exactly 6 PM on the 6th of May, 2019, joining his long-missed brothers, Odin and Loki, who were there to greet him.

I was gently stroking him as he laid on his favorite pad and calling his name "Good boy, Thor," when he suddenly took a deep breath, relaxed and was then gone from our lives. I could not hold back my tears even though I knew he was now at peace.

His interest in life had clearly been declining recently and he eventually decided not to eat. While he would drink water, he could not be persuaded to eat.

In my mind, I think he just decided his day on this plane needed to be brought to a close. So, he laid on his favorite spot (a heating pad on an ottoman in our family room) slowly growing weaker.

He still loved to be stroked – particularly on his belly and even in the last day would lay on his side and raise a hind leg so you could rub his stomach unimpeded. When you walked by and he was inclined, he would raise his head and call out for a belly rub.

He also loved to have his large handsome ears softly stroked and would break into a soft rumble of a purr.

Thor was the last of three Pixie-Bob felines we acquired in 2002 at 3 months of age. Thor had lived a long and good life of 17 years and 6 months. He and his brothers were the most intelligent felines that I had ever encountered and Thor was probably the best at understanding/recognizing human phrases.

If Thor was walking along the floor in front of you and you called out "Thor, if you want your belly rubbed, roll over," he would stop, tuck his head down and roll over onto his back and await his belly rub.

When being brushed by Johnnie, she would tell him to roll over when she was finished brushing one side and Thor would stand up and lie down on the opposite side.

Naturally, he understood the meaning of "Treats" and "Grass" and other favorites. Thor was clearly the most laid back of the three brothers, but beware if you thought that meant he was passive, as more than one Veterinarian discovered. That’s the only time I ever heard Thor growl.

At night time, Thor would climb the stairs and jump into bed with me laying beside my head between my pillow and his guard pillow. That was his spot and he would not share it with any other. If another of our feline pets attempted to lay beside him – it usually resulted in a nipped ear for the offender.

He would have me stroke his ears gently until he had enough and then he would roll over and snuggle his back up against my pillow. He was usually awake and gone before I awoke until this last month then he would lay in his spot as I dressed and left the bedroom.

He would eventually come down later but seemed content to lay in his bed-time spot a bit longer.

He enjoyed accompanying me into the bathroom and would lay on a rug and watch as I showered and shaved. When he saw me putting on my shoes, he would then walk to the bedroom door and wait to accompany me downstairs.

Thor was a handsome creature with a rustic tabby coat, large perky ears with a tuff on the ends and a short tail. He did resemble a bob-cat in appearance, but fortunately not demeanor.

He grew to weigh around 16 lbs. at his peak and walked with a sort of bouncing bob to his gait. He could move with considerable speed. While a kitten and throughout his life, he did not like to have anyone come and try to pick him up. He would keep just in front of you no matter how fast you moved.

But, when he wanted to be loved, he would not hesitate to hop up on the chair to be with you. He liked to catch me laid back in my recliner and would lay his long body across my chest with his chin on my left shoulder and would purr up a storm while I stroked him – that would last no more than 5 minutes until he had his fix, then off he would go.

Thor was never very vocal until his last year when he decided a loud “yowl” would get our attention. He did not have much to say, unlike some of our felines.

He loved to lay on the back of the couches we had in the sunroom and watch outside. While always keen on what was happening outside, Thor showed no interest in joining the wild.

We came home one day to find the garage door open and there sitting right on the door line was Thor, clearly interested in the outside activity but declining to join in.

While his brothers, Odin and Loki, seem unable to keep out of exciting happenings like being chased by a plastic bag, falling out of second story windows, punching through screen windows, digging up flower pots and the like, Thor on the other hand always properly accorded himself. You could say he was the mature one of the three.

His photo will join that of his brothers and our other beloved feline companions on our wall. He is indeed gone but will never be forgotten by those who knew him.

Fare Thee Well, Thor
Love, Ed, Johnnie, Whitey, Blackey, Zep, Casey, Mandy,Tanya, Sammy and Spunky

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May 13, 2019
by: Marla

Awe, your story was very captivating. Clearly, you had a long, loving relationship with him. Those memories will live forever in your mind's eye, smiling when you think of him. It's so hard when they leave us, but what joy they bring when they are here, loving us back. Thank you for sharing the story of Thor!

May 13, 2019
I'm sorry for your loss.
by: Kurt (Admin)

RIP Thor.

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