The momma cat I rescued with her kittens won't wean them

by Renee
(Elgin, SC)



I rescued a neighborhood cat (Moonpie, as named by my neighbors), who was getting pregnant before each litter was even weaned. We noticed that the kittens seemed to always get killed, so I took in Moonpie and her three kittens to help them survive and become properly weaned.

I've had them since the first of August. I took them to my vet where they were assessed to be all female and 7-8 weeks but were small.

Moonpie was examined and I paid for shots and flea/tick treatment. Other than being underweight at that time, she was deemed to be extremely healthy.

The kittens have been eating solid food since I took them in but she won't cut them off from nursing. They come into the house and love it but she spends a great deal of time trying to find them, encouraging them to nurse and stay with her.

I can't keep all four and she is driving us crazy with her incessant vocalizations. How do I make her stop nursing so I can get her spayed and hopefully find a home for her and two of the three kittens?

My 21-year-old cat can't stand her because as a 2-week-old rescue, she's never been around another grown cat. My dog is scared of her. Help!!!

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It takes time
by: Jim W.

It might take a few weeks for her to wean her kittens. Soon, it will become painful for her to nurse as their teeth and claws develop, so that should stop it. I would probably start separating her from her kittens for longer periods and see if that speeds things up.

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