by Mary Strobridge
(Elmira, NY)

Taffy was with us for 21 years. We still miss her and wish we could have had her for another 21 years.
It is so hard to let them go when you shared so many things in life... she loved us as much as we loved her.

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Mar 30, 2011
The Rainbow Bridge
by: David

Taffy has a lot of friends to play with while they wait for all of us. Miss Chakotay, or "Coo-Baby", Miss Jean-Luc Kitte`, Sasha "Sassy" Nicoli, Molly the Feral, Bengaliza the Feral, and Captain Benjamin T-T (Tony the Tiger Face) are all there with Taffy, waiting for my wife and I. Some days that is the only consolation we have; other days, even after all these years, I can't turn off the water spigot in my eyes. We had Coo for eight years, the ferals were colony kitties that lived only two years each, and the other three "house cats" gave us thirteen years each. They are all special in their own ways and can never be replaced. When the time is right, another needy cat may work its way into your heart, not as a substitute but on their own merits.

If the Lord sends another Angel your way to test you, I know you will do the right thing. Though we though we were not ready, and ill-prepared, He sent us Shadow Eclipse and Prince Cygan to us. They were not replacements, but I can't even begin to share the joy and love they brought to us at a time we didn't think we could take on any more. Blessings to you, David and Mary

Mar 01, 2011
Sorry . .

I'm so sorry! 21 years is a long time. Blessings for you and your family . .

Feb 26, 2011
We are sorry for your loss
by: Mulder Cat

We are sorry for your loss of Taffy. Please rest assured that she will be at peace Up Here OTRB.

Editor's note: Mulder Cat is a cat who tweets from Rainbow Bridge, as he recently passed away. This message was posted on his behalf.

Feb 21, 2011
21 years is a long-short time
by: Kurt (Admin)

I'm sorry about Taffy, Mary. That's a long time to be together but it's never long enough.

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