by Jan Kennedy
(Moore, S.C. )

Spooky passed away on June 23, 2010 at the age of 17 years. She "found me" at about 5 weeks of age, as I was looking at a house under construction in my neighborhood. Following a faint tiny "meow", Spooky soon emerged from within a partial wall and walked right into my heart.

She had problems beginning at only 4 months old, having a kidney removed. Vets speculated that kidney had been injured while in that house causing it to swell, press on spinal cord, rendering her paralyzed from mid-body back.

Following the surgery she was a recovered happy camper for many many years. In later life, she developed kidney disease and thyroid problems for which she took daily meds. She could tell time within 5/10 minutes, coming into the kitchen and staring at me when it was med time.

Spooky, long hair, tortoise shell in color, was a real BEAUTY ! She was definitely a "one-person-kitty", living with only me, her single "mom", for the first 7 years of her life. During that time, she 'interviewed' any male acquaintance/suitor who came into my life and liked NONE of them------ until Pat, in 1999.

Spooky immediately took a liking to him as if she had waited on him all her life ! Pat and I were married on 7/7/00. SO, you can see why I attribute our marriage at least partially to Spooky ! She dearly loved Pat, following him into the bedroom when he got home from work to 'help' him change clothes and wait for him to play "belt snake" with her. At night she frequently hung out with him on the foot of his lounge chair.

Following a mini-stroke in September 2009, I was told that Spooky might live 2 more weeks. The cremation and service was all planned. She fooled everyone and I was given the gift of having her with me for 9 more months.

When she began showing signs of confusion and dementia, she also had a beautiful (and intelligent) way of compensating. Rather than go into her bed from the front, facing away from us, she would walk entirely around the TV cabinet, come up the side between the cabinet and fireplace hearth to enter the bed from behind---- to be facing outward, toward us. She performed this routine time and time again and seemed very pleased with herself for her accomplishment!

Spooky was truly my best friend, keeper of all my secrets and healer of my sometimes troubled soul. Her ashes are still with us, very near to where she spent most of her last days in her bed. We think Spooky always liked humor and a 'good joke'. When Pat and I are into some sort of silly disagreement and fussing with each other, S.O.S. (Spirit of Spooky) will sent us a message saying "Don't make me have to come out of this box !"

Spooky was kind and sharing

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Jul 10, 2012
Was there for me
by: Auntie judy

Miss Spooky girl, you have been missed and will continue to be missed. You were a good friend to me years ago when I was going through a really bad time. I would leave Simpsonville every Friday and spend the weekend with you and your mom. It was just us girls and you would always be there to listen to us. Please help our Charlie dog up there as he passed away and we miss him very bad. Love you spooky.

Sep 02, 2011
Man, you touched me....
by: jessica maglone

I was looking at cat stuff like I always do and I came across your poem about how you lost spooky! I started reading and the tears started falling. I have a cat named Popcorn. He is a 9yr old long haired solid white cat (and deaf). He has been my rock, my best friend, and my love for the last 9yrs. I always think "what if I lose him? what will I do?" Since he is getting older it's a possibility. I love my Popcorn like he is my kid. He truly is my best friend! He has been there when I've absolutely had no one else. Like you said, he licks my tears away. I am so sorry for your loss. I think they'll have to put me away for a while when he passes. I admire your strength and I understand how much you love your Spooky!

Jul 17, 2010
My Friend Spooky
by: Auntie Anne

Spooky adopted me for her friend about five years ago. She was a really sweet kitty. I believe she knew I liked her and I think she trusted me. She's the best kitty friend I ever had along with my Smokey cat. I hope they are romping around together. She will be missed.

Jul 17, 2010
Auntie Marsha
by: marsha

Spooky was indeed the sweetest little kitty ever, and she was always happy when Auntie Marsha came for a visit!! As far as I could tell she had three favorite things, her mom, her dad, and Uncle Gabe's shrimp. We will miss her.

Jul 14, 2010
Sweet little Spooky
by: Karina in TO

It's so wonderful that your Spooky shared so many wonderful and loving years with you. I can absolutely relate to the loss of a beloved pet. The hubby and I lost our sweet little Pedro cat on Feb 10th of this year after 18 years of love and laughter. Her ashes are exactly where they should be, next to our family photos, because after all, she was a loving member of this family.
I can tell Spooky's spirit and the happy memories you have will live on for many, many years.

Jul 14, 2010
Miss Spooky
by: Cousin Ann

Although I didn't have the pleasure of meeting Spooky in person (or "catson") I feel as if I know her from reading Jan's eloquent and loving notes. Thank you so much for taking care of Miss Spooky and sharing her with all of us! xoxxo from Annie and my rescue cat, Handsome Harry.

Jul 14, 2010
by: Dolores


I am reading about your Spooky with tears in my eyes because it has been 11 months and 21 days since my beloved 13 year old Keeli died. I told you it would get easier with time but you never forget them. I'm also a believer in the Rainbow Bridge!

Jul 14, 2010
I'm sorry to hear about Spooky
by: Kurt (Admin)

I'm sorry about Spooky, Jan, she sounds like she was an amazing kitty! R.I.P Spooky, we have friends at the Rainbow Bridge for you to play with.

Oops! I wrote "he" instead of "she" above. So sorry! Fixed it!

Jul 14, 2010
Just a cat?
by: Bob

Nice memorial for the "spookster".

Jul 13, 2010
by: caren gittleman

Jan what a beautiful, beautiful memorial to Spooky. I am so deeply sorry for your loss. She was such a gorgeous cat she almost looked like a stuffed animal! (I mean that in a nice way).

I was particularly touched because when I lost my Bobo 3 yrs ago he was 18, he also had had some type of mini stroke (which I never realized til a month or so before he passed) which made him deaf and he would just sit in one chair all day.

He, too lived with me for many, many years with me being a single cat mom at the time.... I married and divorced during that time and then remarried again. He moved to Michigan with me in 2001 when he was around 9 yrs old. He was a "one person" cat too.

I also have his ashes.... the similarities between he and Spooky are rather "Spooky". Rest assured that Spooky is still with you, watching your every move. I am so sorry and thank you for sharing some of Spooky with all of us.

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