Socks from New Jersey

by Kevin B
(New Jersey)

Socks the Cat, Socks My Cat

Let me tell you about my girl, Socks the cat,
She was so very cute, she was so very fat.
She was born in the year 1995,
We adopted her in 96; she was thin and so very spry.
Refrigerators, couches the house was her playground,
One time she got stuck in a closet; but soon she was found.
She’d love to play catch,
And always enjoyed a good long scratch.

Over the years we both grew older,
She got fat, but also became bolder.
She would no longer be scared of meeting new friends,
Not shy at parties she would sit in the den.
She never would miss a meal,
And even managed to get 2 sometimes; what a steal.
A life of simply luxury was what she led,
A warm house, soft couches; did I mention she liked to be fed?

Then one day a new friend appeared,
We named him Groucho; in the neighborhood he was feared.
Everything seemed perfect, a family complete,
But life never stays perfect; it truly is a difficult feat.

In the summer of 08 Socks began to loose weight, her appetite waned,
Something was wrong; to the vet, an answer must be gained.
Dr. T. told me the news, things were not so good,
Kidney Failure was the diagnosis, saddened I was; not in a good mood.
Pills, fluids, special food; was what the doctor prescribed,
I loved her so much, she just had to survive.
Socks seemed to get better, good & bad days; trouble sleeping at night,
All along Socks never seemed to give up the fight.

As fall came, Socks was visibly different,
A shadow of her former self, no longer a frisky miscreant.
Still she enjoyed scratches, but was not as nimble,
Keeping her going became not quite that simple.
She started not to eat, and would stare at her water rather then drink,
Was she tired of fighting? Her power fading? What did she think?

In November back to the vet for another reprise,
"There is no more we can do, keep her comfortable; she may still survive."
December came and she still was hanging on,
Her time was ending, she would soon be gone.
She stopped bathing, purring, and had difficulty walking,
A decision had to be made, as a family we started talking.

What is a life, when simple tasks prove hard?
Do we end her suffering, thoughts that haunted me; my mind is scared
A decision was made it was for the best,
Into her eyes I gazed, as she took her final rest.

Now that she is gone all I have are photos,
Memories of good times, I take solace in, they are my mementos.
Never again will I smile at her sight,
I was not ready to loose her, why couldn't she keep up the fight?
I know she is at peace, living forever in the clouds,
Sadness and emptiness fill my heart, as guilt in my heart shrouds.

I hope she knows how much that I care,
Losing her now just seems so unfair.
A part of me died in that room that night,
My mind confused still, wonders if what we did was right. Now you know about the 13 ½ year life of Socks the Cat,
My best friend, my companion, in my heart is where she will always be at.

1995- December 8, 2008

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Nov 16, 2013
Socks from jersey
by: luna

I am so sorry; that happened to us this year and it was a shock. Our Bunny was 18 1/2 and it was fast; looking back there were some hints but even the vet did not catch them. Two weeks to the day, Joker, our 21 1/2 had the same thing. Our hearts still hurt. We have our 6 yr old and God blessed us with a 7 wk old kitten who "appeared" June 30. You did all you could and gave and got love and will always have Socks in your heart. Your poem was a wonderful tribute.
Blessed Be

Nov 15, 2013
Sorry for your loss
by: John Murphy

I too had a cat named Socks. He was a rescue and somewhat belonged to me although my stepdaughter brought him home it was me he clung to. In November last year he was diagnosed with congestive heart failure. My stepdaughter spent over 1800 dollars to try to keep him with us a friend of mine said "give me a quarter i'll do him in." I WAS APPALLED to hear that leave his mouth!! Still Socks hung in there until January when he just couldn't breathe and we made the decision to let him cross the rainbow bridge. I looked into his eyes and said "grandpa loves you and I will see you on the other side." And as I write this I am again reminded and saddened to the point of tears so I Know JUST HOW YOU FEEL. All my best to you.

Sep 01, 2013
I'm sorry for your loss.
by: Kurt (Admin)

What an amazing tribute! I'm sorry for your loss. RIP Socks.

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