Snuggles from East Peoria

by Jeremy
(East Peoria, IL, United States)

My Handsome Boy

My Handsome Boy

Snuggles was likely born sometime in the year 2009, when he first came into the lives of my family.

He was a stray who attached himself to the window screen outside the house and scared my stepbrother, Conner, who was laying down on the couch inside.

He looked up and saw a big shape on the window and wasn't sure what it was. We determined it was a cat and let him inside.

He was very loving and friendly right from the start. My mom took him to the vet and he had worms, if I remember correctly, but he was all taken care of by the vet.

My mom named him Snuggles after a character in a children's book. A year after my mom passed away, I moved out on my own and took Snuggles to live with me. He was with me for over five years.

He was diagnosed with cardiomyopathy in February of 2015 and was on medication for this condition. I believe this is what took him from me.

Snuggles was my little boy and I was his Daddy. I called him Snugs, Snuggle-Bug, Snuggle-Bear and other names. He used to climb all over me in the morning because he wanted me to get up and feed him.

He would knock things off of my nightstand and dig around in the basket next to my bed that held my keys. I used to tease him that he wanted to take my car for a drive.

He loved to go outside, but I mainly kept him inside my house. I fed him human food all the time and he especially loved lunch meat.

He would climb into the dryer as I was taking out clothes to fold them and also climb into the cabinets close to the ground and look around in there. He also would sometimes stick his head in cracker boxes and chip bags.

He brought so much joy to my life and was a wonderful friend/"son" to me. I can't imagine my life without him and feel as if he was taken from me too soon and that his condition was much worse than what I realized.

I know that he is in a good place now, though, and that he isn't unwell anymore. I hope more than anything he realizes how much I love him and will miss him for the rest of my life.

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Dec 27, 2015
by: Lindy

What a beautiful story.

Dec 26, 2015
What a beautiful cat
by: Anonymous

...and clearly a character. You were lucky to have each other.

Dec 25, 2015
by: dee

I know your heart hurts for him; he will always be in your heart. Keep an eye out because he will guide you to another one to love like you loved him.

Dec 23, 2015
sweet kitty love story
by: Anonymous

Yes, I've lost a lot of kitties over my lifetime, but I feel honored to of ever had the blessing to have known them. sweet kitty story

Dec 23, 2015
what a wonderful companion friend and 'son'
by: homelyangels

That was a really wonderful story about a very dear friend and son. I have 6 cats of my own and each one is either a son or daughter. Even though I have human kids, these children are equally as precious to me.

I have had a lot of strokes and these precious children are always with me. It is as if they take turns to sit with me as when one goes from my side another will quickly appear.

I have noticed over the months and years that each and everyone of these special children takes a turn to sit with me. I can almost time then when they will change shift. As I tell the latest sitter, they warn me by sitting at the back of me on my wheelchair if I am going to have a seizure to warn me.

Each one knows they are special. Each one knows they are adored. This is the second group of six I have had and like the ones who went to rainbow bridge, every last one of them has some odd foible.

Like they all love to be caressed as they lay down to sleep, more so at night. The youngest will do acrobatics if he thinks he can get anything off my plate. The Ragdoll, he will hide in front of my bolster pillow and swear blind I can't see him. I play his game.

The little girl, she is a chatterbox and will talk to you forever and if you do not talk back to her she will stretch her paw out to you and push you with one claw drawn, not to hurt, to get your attention as she thinks you're not listening to her chatter.

The elder lady is the boss and does not like to be to far from me at any time, even when it's a shift change. She will sneak in and check the others are doing their duty. She also adores my sons young dog and often puts it in its place, namely at the back of the queue.

Two of my boys are Bengal over breeds and loads of fun to watch. They will. if I am tired and lay resting, set about having a boxing match, then bring things to me to throw for them so they can fetch whatever I've thrown back to me. Though come meal time the youngest of the pair will be back at his place by the food.

The last lad, he is so gentle and the brother of the small girl. He is quiet and yet like his sister, he will poke his claw at you. He has a great friend who calls very occasionally, yet even though he won't see this friend for three or four months, this cat will cease doing whatever he is doing and come in and hold my friend's arm with his paw. And when I shoo Squish out of the way and then leave my friend for even a couple of minutes, Squish will go back and sit with him and hold his arm again until I go back in the room. Then he leaves again. My friend cannot have cats, so does enjoy seeing these special children of mine.

Dec 22, 2015
I'm sorry for your loss
by: Kurt (Admin)

RIP Snuggles, you were (and are) clearly a well-loved kitty.

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