by Tony
(Dallas, GA)

My daughter found Smudgie as a kitten back in the spring of 2004. She found her and our three other little cats in the bushes beside our house and we took all four in.

Smudgie was the softest, sweetest little cat, black and white, with a black "smudge" across her little snout. She loved to lie on my wife and my daughter while they watched TV, purring and cuddling.

Smudge was also the "mama cat" as she got pregnant and had four little kittens of whom we still have three. Sadly, one of them got killed early on, but the others are still with us.

Smudge was diagnosed with Lymphoma two months ago. We put her on medication and prayed hard over her, but GOD decided it was time for her to come home. We believe she's at Rainbow Bridge, along with our other pets who have gone on ahead of us.

She's also with our loved ones who have preceded us in departure from this troubled life. As hard as it has been, and still is, there is comfort in the fact that we will see our sweet little kitty again one day.

We love you Smudgie.

Dad, Mom, Britty, and Josh.

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Mar 28, 2010
by: Vera

Sorry to hear of your loss, we had a Siamese named Skid (see - testimonials for the "incredible journey story".)

During our search for Skid, "Smudge" a Blue Point Siamese was abandoned in a neighbourhood and we brought him home. Smudge is the perfect name and I can relate to how you feel about your "Smudge".

Whitby, Ontario, Canada

Dec 14, 2009
Smudge Lives on in your Heart
by: Anonymous

It breaks my heart to hear about people losing their pets. My daughter had 3 and now only has 1 but he is almost 14 and diabetic and won't be with us much longer. She has no children and he is like a baby to her. I also have a cat 3 years old and I just love him. He belongs to our family. Take good care of the ones you have left since they cannot take care of themselves.

Dec 14, 2009
I'm sorry to hear about Smudge
by: Kurt (Cat Lovers Only Admin)

I'm sorry for your loss, Tony, but I'm glad Smudge had a good home. Just in case you missed it, you can create more tributes at the sites listed on the cat memorials page.

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