Smudge, et al

by Scooter
(Horncastle Lincolnshire UK)

Smudge, Freckles, Father Omalley, Misty, Silky, Jaycee, Johnhenry, Misty2, Booboo, Marmygingerbit, Babydoll, Snowy, Markovich, Timmymyboy, Didgit, Cheekie, Sheltiebard, Tessietukie

All these kitties I've put names for on rainbow bridge, as each and every one of them was a special kitty in its own way. Each was loved. Each I knew trusted me and I trusted them.

None ever unsheathed its claws to scratch me. All were there to make sure I was safe as that is how they wanted to be. Whenever I had a seizure, they were there with me, as the person who got to me told me "your cats were guarding you again" was the usual statement.

From being a raging, fiery, angry kitty, right to the other end of the spectrum and being so shy it could not mix, all came to me with trust. All made sure that I knew they loved me and that I loved and adored each and every one of them.

All had this strange habit of bringing me a leaf when it was time for the leaves to fall. All would come running to me if I mentioned the word "chick chick" and sat patiently waiting for the others who were not as near to me as the ones who had arrived.

They all acted as a whole. When one cried out, then there would be this mad dash to get to the one who was crying to help and comfort it. What is so strange about all these acts, each and everyone has done the above and much more, is that they were in two separate groups of kitties. The second group following on from when the first group had gone to rainbow bridge.

I now have a third group. All are doing exactly as the others all did. I have yet to find out how they all knew how to do the things the others did, as there was only one left alive, as she was a young kitten when I lost the others. And yes, there was also a kitten who was 8 weeks old from the first group. But for whatever reason, I bless these wonderful kitties and hope one day to see them all again.

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