Shellby and Conner

by Nadine

I got my 2 mostly Siamese cats when they were approximately 4 weeks old. Shellby was the runt of a litter of seven kittens. No one thought she would live since she was so tiny and frail.

Conner is her big brother. They are now 5 years old and allow me to live in their apartment. I've trained them to be hearing aid cats since I'm loosing my hearing from multiple sclerosis.

Literally, I would be lost and have an empty heart without them.

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My cat photo wouldn't upload.
by: Nadine

Shellby & Conner are so beautiful but the photo got lost in the internet quagmire of space. I'll try again soon to post them.

Editor's note: Sorry about that, Nadine. You can email the photo to catloversonly (AT), or post it to the Facebook page.

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