Sammy the sausage cat

by Anthony

Every time I go where the cat bowl is, Sammy follows and begins to eat. I do mean it when I say every time. He has developed a bit of a weight problem - hence the name. Why does he do this?

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Boredom or habit?
by: Jim W.

In my experience, cats that are fed free-choice with food down all the time often eat out of boredom or habit. Just like people.

He may also simply want your attention, follows you, and eats out of habit when he sees the bowl.

If you'd like to help him to lose weight, using set mealtimes is a better plan, or just start putting less in the bowl and when it runs out, don't fill it right away. Add food only twice a day.

The simple formula is: eat less and get more exercise, so the second part of this is to increase his exercise. Get him jumping and running twice a day. Place his food in a spot where he has to climb to get to it, and so on.

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