Sammie Sweethea4rt from Bensalem

by Shellie Btown
(Bensalem, PA 19020)

My sweet baby Sammie passed on August 28, 2020. He was the love of my life and was always by my side. He loved being loved and always gave him lots of kisses.

He always sat next to me to have his head rubbed and kisses galore. He enjoyed eating canteloupe with me. He was always a happy guy and followed me all over like my child, and always got unconditional love from my baby.

I miss him so much and am always sad, at losing my love. Sammie was born on November 5, 2011, and he was 3 months old when I adopted him from the Women's Humane Society.

Sammie was a black & white tux and had the best and greatest personality ever. He was friendly, and outgoing and liked when people came to the house to visit.

On August 28, 2020. he got up to have a drink and then went back to sleep, and when he woke up he was in the hallway panting, and then screaming and went underneath my bed, and so I got the carrier, and off we went to the Animal hospital, VSEC, and when we got to the hospital and he was rushed in, to give him CPR, he had passed, and I was very heartbroken.

There will never be another Sammie in my life with the same sweet disposition and kisses he already gave me all the time. My Sweet little boy, Mommy will always love you forever and you will always be in my heart. Shellie Brown

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Oct 12, 2020
by: Matt

So sorry for your loss. Thank you for giving Sammie such a wonderful life. He was a special kitty who was obviously loved, He is waiting patiently for you on the other side,

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