Samantha and Misty

by Louise
(Vancouver, Canada)

Not a quote or poem but an anecdote

For most of my life I have had cats. I would normally look in the ads for free pets and then go to where my new little friend is and take it home. I would find my new kitten this way for a long time as this seemed to be the easiest way to get a new kitten.

Later on in life I would do the responsible thing and go to the SPCA and get one that needed a home. This way they had been checked out for illnesses and would have had shots. The cost of shots was included in the cost of the cat adoption.

I had cats until I had to move into an apartment and my home was showing its age and decaying. To leave my beloved cats nearly broke my heart.

They knew that something was up and we could tell the way they acted. One we gave to friends and the other, the youngest one which was my baby ran away. We never knew where she was.

I remember one time when my sister, my husband and I went on vacation. We left the cats in good hands and knew that they would be taken care of.

Even so, to them it wasn’t the same and they must have missed us because when we got home there they were the two of them, Samantha the black older one, and Misty, the baby, sitting in the middle of the driveway as if to say ‘well, it is about time you got home. Pet us now” Yes, they indeed seemed to be demanding to be petted.

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Thanks for sharing that story!
by: Kurt (Admin)

Thanks for sharing your story, Louise! I've always considered the return home greeting to be quite the honor. I always wonder what kind of wild parties the cats have been throwing while I'm out.

made me smile
by: jan

THX for sharing your wonderful story! I've begun my day with a smile!

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