You gave me so much love and affection in the 11 years you were with me. You left me so suddenly, I wasn't prepared for the sadness and empty heart, but your memory will live on inside me forever. Thank you my sweet Rascal for all the love you gave your family :-) You are now with Minnie on the other side of the rainbow. I love you both...

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Oct 14, 2010
I'm sorry to hear about Rascal
by: Kurt (Admin)

I'm very sorry to hear about Rascal's passing. I know the years go by way too fast.

Rascal is a great name, so I'm going to add Rascal to our cat names list.

Oct 14, 2010
Our condolences
by: Anonymous

You have our sympathy. Losing a pet for us has always been losing a family member. It took us a long time to numb the heartaches we felt when we lost our little Cocker Spaniel seven years ago. She was so much a part of our daily living for sixteen years.

We now have a little Norwegian Forest Cat who came to my driveway as a stray and had no home. As hard as we tried to locate a possible owner, it was no use. The ads produced little interest.There were many foreclosures in our neighborhood and scumbags let their pets go to fend for themselves. We neutered and declawed him. He's been sleeping in our bed for over two and a half years now and we are inseparable. We learned from the vet last week that he has a slight heart murmur on his left side. The vet said it is quite common in cats starting at about 3-5 ys. She said it is slight and may not even be heard on the next visit as he was full of anxiety from the ride over and his circulation was up. Now, we worry about him more than ever as he is brings so much joy to our home. We would be crushed if anything ever happened to him before his time.

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