Rambo - lost in a move

by Donna
(Spartanburg, SC)

Rambo has the look of "Sylvester" and has a bobtail. He is his own man but loves to sneak up and cuddle with you when you are asleep.

We moved across town (about 20 miles) away. Our last trip from the old house was on a Thursday evening. When we were ready to load up the animals, we could only find Chelsey the cat and Drake the dog... no Rambo the cat. We had to finally leave without him.

The next evening I went back and called him until I couldn't anymore. On Sunday, I made flyers and walked around the whole neighborhood distributing them.

Late Sunday night we were out in the front yard unloading "more stuff"...lol and we heard a cat cry almost like a calling out to us from across the street.

A cat was in the drain and jumped out and looked at us. My fiancee made a joke of how much he looked like Rambo but that this cat had a tail.

The cat stared straight at us, then jumped back into the drain. I caught a glimpse of what looked like a bobtail. At that point, I thought oh gosh it just may be Rambo.

I ran over to the drain and looked through the grill. Lo and behold it was my old friend, Rambo. He was happy to see me but played me a bit. It took him some time to come up from the drain. He immediately starting purring when I picked him up.

I have never been able to believe the stories of cats being able to track down their owners. But this incident did make a believer out of me. It took him from Thursday night to Sunday night but somehow he managed to find us.

Absolutely Amazing!!!

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Aug 16, 2011
by: Kurt (Admin)

Wow, that really is an amazing story, Donna! I have also heard or read a number of stories where a cat somehow tracked down their human family after a move. It seems hard to believe, but I know it does happen.

I used to work with someone who had the opposite experience. He moved with his cat, only to have the cat disappear for a couple of months. He finally found him near the old house after getting a tip from his former neighbor that he might have seen the cat roaming the neighborhood.

I'm certainly glad Rambo found you!

Aug 04, 2011
Blessed Be You and Rambo
by: Jan

Amazing story! Rambo sure has a fitting name!
THX for sharing. I, too, live in the Spartanburg area. Nice to see a "neighbor" here! Chin Skitches to Rambo from Jan. HUGS to you, too.

Aug 01, 2011
by: Catcalls

What an incredible story! Really hard to believe he could find you. This is when we wish cats could talk! I guess you don't need to worry about him getting lost!

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