Photographer Cat!

by Jared
(Seattle, Washington USA)

This isn't really about my Cat Joss, but I totally wanna rig him up with one of these.

This is Cooper the photographer cat! He wears a little camera around his neck that takes pictures of what he's doing.

If I gave this to Joss, there'd be a lot of up my nose shots while I'm sleeping.

If I'm not up by 5:30 am to feed him he's on my face.

He is indifferent to my pain!

Editor's note: Thanks for sharing, Jared, even if Cooper is not your cat ;).

For those who don't know, Cooper is quite famous as the photographer cat and has done quite a few "interviews." His work has been exhibited in galleries, including a 6 month run that started in September of 2009 at the Peggy Notebaert Nature Museum in Chicago.

Cooper, on Location:

Cooper on Today Show Australia:

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Cool Cat!
by: Ashleigh

I absolutely love Cooper's pictures, he's such a cool cat! I totally want a Cat Cam for my cats now! :)

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