PetzLife Or PlaqueOff For Cat's Teeth

My poor 7-year-old Tortie has horrible breath. Every year when I take her to the vet for her checkup and shots, he breaks tarter off of her teeth. Within a month, it's back.

She eats dry hard food, with some soft snacks daily, but she has never chewed her food. I've tried Science Diet t/d and she swallowed it whole. I feel like it hurts her to chew.

My question is would a product like PetzLife or PlaqueOff help her? Has anyone out there used these products for their cat's teeth?

My vet doesn't stress a dental cleaning like some vets do. I know she needs that done but the cost is unreal.

She loves to chew on the bottom hem of blue jeans. It seems to help relieve her possible pain, sort of like a baby teething.


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Apr 27, 2011
by: Ashleigh

Biotene water additive was recommended by my vet for my 4 year old cat that has gingivitis. It keeps plaque from building up on his teeth. Hes been using it for about a year and it has definitely helped. You may also consider brushing her teeth occasionally. It will take some time and practice but she may like the feeling of her gums being massaged to ease her pain. Some pet stores also carry toys made to help with dental distress.

You might try some of these products:
Dental spray -

Toothbrush Kit -

Dental Toy -


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