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by Jamie Lee Robinson

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OPKIT Kitty Sponsorship Program, Inc began in June of 2013, with the intent of helping to save cats from high kill shelters by donating money to the professional rescue groups who save them.

"Pledges" are commonly made on Facebook animal shelter pages as a way to help rescue groups afford to save cats, but many times these pledges go unpaid or take days or weeks to collect.

Rescue groups are charities and they count on that money to help with vet care costs for these cats, so when the founder of OPKIT noticed how many went unpaid, she decided to put together a group of people who would "sponsor" these cats as a group.

Cats are posted on the OPKIT page, a target amount asked for, and members pledge on the OPKIT page until that amount is reached.

When the cat is rescued, the money is collected and the lump sum is sent to the rescue group no later than two days after the cat leaves the shelter. This is essential to help these cats get rescued because many times these cats are sick and need immediate vet care.

In 17 months, OPKIT has sponsored around 1200 cats, and donated over $100K to rescue groups, vets, and shelters. We also do numerous rescue group fundraisers, medical fundraisers and donate to feral cat causes.

OPKIT is a pending 501c3 charity, and is a licensed FL non-profit corporation. Many of our sponsored cats, and their stories, can be seen on OPKIT Success Stories on Facebook.

Donations can be sent to Paypal- opkitrescue (AT) yahoo.com

The OPKIT Success Stories Facebook page is all about kitties who have been featured on, and sponsored by OPKIT Kitty Sponsorship.

Meet a couple of cats that have benefited from OPKIT

Viktor was at the Pima county, AZ shelter. As you can tell by his picture, he was very sick. He was sponsored by OPKIT, and rescued by HOPE animal shelter.

Below is a picture of Viktor at the shelter. Poor thing!

Viktor at shelter

This is Viktor, looking much better at the rescue...

Viktor at rescue

Abigail was in the Philly shelter and scheduled to be killed the following day. She wasn't even in the adoptable cages, but an OPKIT team member stepped up for Abby, agreed to foster her, and has been with her ever since.

Abigail at shelter

Abigail is looking good...

Abigail after rescue

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Exclusively Opkit
by: Anonymous

I am a regular donor to Opkit- and donate to this group exclusively!
I know that 100% of my pledge money will go to help rescue the kitties in high-kill shelters. Opkit (and Jamie Lee Robinson, founder) is honest, is transparent in all they do, and has extremely high integrity!! I trust them implicitly with my money! Opkit has just opened a sanctuary in North Florida to help even more kitties in need. I have donated to the sanctuary (Tails Up Happy Cat Sanctuary)- Please support this awesome organization!!!

Opkit Rocks
by: Angel Richardson

I have personally fostered many kitties that Opkit sponsored for the rescue I foster for. Opkit helped save their lives so they could get well, vetted, and go on to be adopted into wonderful loving homes. I love OPKIT and all the members. They are a wonderful team that really network and save the kitties that someone threw away. It's not just about the pretty adoptables either. It's the seniors, the black cats, the sick and urgent, the under "cats"...the ones most would have turned away. Thanks to this program it's helped the rescues save kitties that wouldn't have had the chance. Thank you OPKIT!!

Saving Cats
by: OPKIT Member

Please check out out OPKIT Success Stories Page and see pics of cats we've helped save! This is an action oriented group and we make a difference. We would love to have your help too.

To John M. Murphy
by: Jamie Lee Robinson/OPKIT

Thank you very much for your concern. These cats were not treated badly at the shelters, they arrived there that way. Abigail, the calico, was found starving on the Philly streets, and in need of major dental work. The volunteers at the AZ shelter where Viktor was are some of the hardest working advocates for these cats, and they saved his life.

Day and night
by: John M.Murphy

I cannot believe the before and after pictures! If this is the way these baby's were treated supposedly humanely this previous place needs to be closed. The pictures say it all. So glad they have loving caring people NOW.

by: Connie @ FLOCK-DMV

I love this! Excellent! Sounds like a dream come true! I will be contacting them immediately. Thanks for sharing this great news!

by: Paula Gulley

OPKIT is a wonderful group dedicated to helping save death row shelter cats. The group has accomplished so much in a short time. 2015 is going to be even better. Watch us grow!

OPKIT is awesome!
by: Anonymous

We love OPKIT!

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