One kitten is overly playful

by Anonymous

We got two kittens. The girl is a couple of months older and calmer. The boy is younger (around 3 months), and absolutely crazy, unless he is tired. Then he is a love ball.

They like each other, sleep next to each other, and she cleans him which is cute, but he can be a bit rough. When they play she is always growling and trying to get away. He kind of just keeps biting her.

Just today he went high on the couch, jumped down and attacked her while she was sleeping. She growled like crazy but he would not stop. I don't know if I should intervene or let him figure it out and learn some social boundaries.

She is calm for a kitten and I think she just tolerates it, but she is bigger so I don't see why she is always growling and won't get him back.

I don't think its normal for her to be growling this much. It's been a week since we got them and when they first played it was just pretend pouncing but now it's escalated to him attacking her.

She does attack but only when he's in a playful mood, like she'll do a testing swat to see if he'll play but with him he does it whenever. Suggestions?

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Playful kittens
by: Lora W.

There is nothing more enjoyable than watching kittens do what they do best....romp and play.
Please don't worry.This is healthy behavior. It only seems rough to you. The pouncing, ambushing, growling behaviors are as normal as can be.
They are both at the age of discovery. Everything is an adventure, including wrestling one another.
The girl kitty will let boy kitty know sooner or later when she has had enough.
Enjoy !

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