by R Swindell

Nigel came into my life an angel. I found him in a pizza place and the owner said to me, would you like a cat? Take him he belongs to no one, and I took him home.

I was losing my mother from lung cancer at the time but when Nigel came into my life he just made it a bit easier to cope. He was like an angel, his coat was all white, and he was male with the nicest personality.

He stayed with me through it all until the saddest day of my life came, I lost my dear mom. Nigel purred in my ear when I was crying, and kissed me. He also held my arm and messaged me until I fell asleep.

A year went by, just when I thought everything was getting a little easier dealing with the death of my mom. Someone left my back door open and Nigel went out of the house. He ran across the street and was hit by a car, he died in my arms.

He was with me long enough to get me through the hard times and when he believed his job was over, he returned to heaven to wait for his next friend in need.

I wanted him to be with me forever, I love him so much and I miss him every day.

Nigel if you can hear me, thank you for everything.

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Jul 02, 2009
Cats Have A Way Of Being There
by: Kurt (Cat Lovers Only Admin)

Nigel was one of those cats that was there when you needed him. Cats have a way of doing that, even on a daily basis. I'm glad you were there for each other.

Jun 24, 2009
Ur a good person
by: Tammy

U remind me of myself, if u didn't take Nigel home who knows what would have happened. God bless u, both of my cats were homeless that I have now- Baby & Boojae!

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